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For some, the course content by itself is enough, but your training and progress don’t have to stop with this heavy dose of up-front instruction. For those who want a personal experience in addition to the course material, we’ve created an option that gives you all the course materials plus lifetime access to an exclusive community of current and aspiring contributors. This is the kind of community PR professionals dream of being part of. They pay thousands of dollars a year for software that doesn’t do half of what you can get from this group.

Perhaps the most valuable part of this community is that you get lifetime access to group coaching, designed to keep you accountable and moving forward with your publication goals. You’ll be coached not just by me, but by other contributors I’ve hired to be part of my team who have been through the pitch process and are currently contributing to Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and other publications. Within this community you can post questions and get answers, saving you the time, headache, and frustration you’d experience going it on your own.

For example, let’s say you want to pitch the entrepreneurship section at Forbes to become a contributor there. If you’re working on your own you can figure out who the editor is, but if you are part of your group you could ask “I’m getting ready to pitch the entrepreneurship editor at Forbes, does anyone have any advice or recommendations?” Someone might respond saying, “I was just in touch with him and they’re at a conference right now, so I’d recommend waiting until next week when he’s back at his office and has been able to catch up on email.” Conversations like this take place all the time in our group on hundreds of topics.
Go Premiere: Masterclass++
Some of our masterclass members not only want the course content and access to the community and the group coaching going on there–they want one-on-one coaching, editing, and other individualized services.

You and I are very lucky that one of the members of this team, in addition to being an accomplished contributor at Forbes and other several top-tier publications, also happens to be a longtime education expert (and if your application is accepted, she’ll be the first person you’ll meet). She holds an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and has been named “[o]ne of the most influential voices in education policy and technology reporting today.”

With her help, we crafted a premiere level of the masterclass using a “flipped classroom” model, which enables you to learn more material faster and better, with less stress and more practical application.

With this method (which can take as little as just 3-5 hours per week) you’ll get the course material, you’ll get the lifetime community access and group coaching, and you’ll get 6 months of access to:

> One-on-one coaching (up to two hours per month) from me and my team on the angle you should use for your contributor pitches, down to the individual words, to identify exactly what needs to change to make your pitch a success, removing all the guesswork.
> Editing of 1-2 of your articles each month, to help you prepare for pitching as well as for when you become a contributor.
> And, if you start to fall behind your goals, we’ll provide laser coaching sessions and tutor you on exactly what to do next, and how to get ahead and meet your objectives.

Deliverables you’ll only receive through this premiere level, because of the high investment of time we make to provide them, include:

> Customized consulting to help you craft and refine your personal brand, including your “unfair advantage;”
> A personalized road map, based on your unique message and your chosen audience, on exactly which publications to target, in which order, and what steps you need to take to get there;
> A customized social media audit to make sure your profiles are optimized and match your personal brand;

And, of course, if you would like to continue coaching services after the masterclass is over, just let us know, and we’ll discuss accommodations.

This is what I wish existed when I was getting started, but there was nothing like this.
Ready to Apply?
Here’s the thing…

The Masterclass++ isn’t for everyone.

First, let’s be clear that we cannot “guarantee” you a placement at Forbes or any other publication. Even if “selling” contributor posts were possible, and even if it were not completely unethical, we still wouldn’t do it, because it would leave you exposed to crucial skill gaps that would undermine your long-run success. Instead, we teach the powerful, fundamental strategies for creating so much value to editors (and the audiences they serve) that the thought of losing you makes them cringe.

It’s the difference between “give a man a fish” and “teach a man to fish.” In our masterclass and community, we focus on teaching you to fish.

Second, if you decide you’re interested and you apply to be part of the masterclass, my team and I will review your application before we approve you to join the class. In this class we only work with you if you have:

> A strong command of the English language.
> A clear message you’re passionate about.
> An economic engine (a business or career) that can leverage your writing for a strong ROI.

–and you won’t be admitted and absolutely no money will change hands unless we’re completely confident you can succeed.

This isn’t some reverse-psychology sales tactic–we want every single member of this class to succeed as living, breathing proof our methods work.

Third, there are only 20 seats in the Masterclass++ level, and the first time we opened this level it sold out. That means I won’t be giving you a high-pressure pitch. Once you’re accepted, we’ll send you an invitation and an invoice, but we won’t hold your spot–once the seats are gone, they’re gone.

Now, at this point you may be asking, “How much does all of this cost?” The truth is, if I were to charge even 10% of the ROI becoming a contributor has brought me and my team, even though we were bootstrapping and had to learn most of these lessons the hard way, we would be looking at well over $400,000, which would be ludicrously high, of course.

I have friends who consult with high powered executives and help them secure contributor positions, and they charge up to $60,000 for this service. Don’t get me wrong–if I had paid that much to get into Forbes it would have been well worth it, and $5,000 per month is the minimum I charge to my executive coaching clients, but no, we’re not charging anything close to that.

If a well-placed article written and published using the methods we teach you in this masterclass brought you just one additional client, boosted the price you could charge for your goods or services by just 5%, or helped you move up a rung in this competitive job market–what would that be worth? And with the value that will come from consistently hitting your contributor goals…well, we’re aiming to make this the deal of a lifetime.

What’s more, the money is practically irrelevant because you also get a 60-day, no-risk, 100% satisfaction-or-your-money-back guarantee.

Here’s how it works: If you are accepted into the course, and you complete each module, fulfill every homework assignment, actively listen, engage and work closely with your coach–if even after all of that you don’t feel like you’ve gained substantial writing and publication knowledge, we will give you your money back, no questions asked.

With a money-back guarantee like this–what do you have to lose?

Apply now (it’s easy and painless), and–if you’re ready–I’ll look forward to seeing you in the course.


Josh Steimle

P.S. There’s no commitment until you’re accepted and have opted in to your invitation to the course, and no risk once you’re in. The world moves fast, and opportunities to reach your audience and make a difference are passing you by as we speak–and you know if you fail to act now it’ll probably be years before you “get around to it” again. Don’t let that be you!
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  • Group Coaching
  • Exclusive Facebook Community
  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Or 12 monthly payments of $477
  • Everything in the Masterclass+
  • One-On-One Coaching and Editing
  • Individualized Road Map
  • Spots Are Limited (see below for details)
APPLY NOW! If your application is accepted you'll get 20% off.
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